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CHIPVAC 400 - High capacity Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for metal chips

Top of the Oil & Chips range! One single unit includes decades of DU-PUY experience in the mechanical sector and, at the same time, unique and innovative elements - fruits of our incessant work in research and development in pursuit of continuous improvement.
The vacuum unit can be equipped with two different turbines, 7,5 or 12,5 kW which allow collection of large quantities of chips in a very short time span. The new design permits easy movement of the unit together with its turbine thanks to its caster wheels or by forklift. Before tipping the bucket vacuum, the turbine can simply be detached thanks to its separate support structure.


CHIPVAC 400 in 6 points:

Discharge valve

Manual filter shaker for filter maximal efficiency

Electrical panel for full machine control

Accessories holder

Polyester star filter

Easy and clean “soft” discharge tilting system for metal chips

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