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Home special products LHL-X100-7 - Perfectly lubricated

LHL-X100-7 - Perfectly lubricated

Price: €92.03

Typical Properties of LHL®-X100

Apperance                      Semi-fluid

Colour                             yellow

Worked penetration         460

Copper Corrosion            Pass*
(100 deg°C/ 24h)

Oil seperation                   N/A
(100deg°C/24h) w.t.%)

Thickener                          Urea

Base oil viscosity mm 2/s
(40 deg °C)                        114

(100 deg °C)                      12.3

Based oil viscosity index    97




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Cartridge concept

* Achievement of 2% residual LHL® lubricant and development of a type of material and shape that is geared toward recycling
* Provision of convenient lubricant storage and transfer for customers
* Prevention of any deterioration in lubricant performance and properties as a result of the mixing of different types of grease
* Prevention of mechanical part lubrication failures arising from the introduction of foreign materials or air bubbles during refilling 
from a pail can, etc
* Realization of a stable supply of a lubricant best suited to mechanical parts and LHL® lubrication systems


Lubricant concept

* Improvement of intervention and oil film preservation from friction resistance and wear resistance in order to maintain mechanical part performance
* Prevention of LHL® lubricant solidification and reduction in the appropriate amount of lubricant on a timely basis when LHL® lubricant is used for long periods in conjunction with LHL® S series products
* Prevention of environmental pollution around machines and contribution to the finding of solutions to environmental pollution caused by the mixing of machining fluid, hydraulic oil, and other such products.