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Home filtration systems W 1500 MET VACUUM WITH TROLLEY


Price: €1,104.41

DUPUY W 1500 MET VACUUM WITH TROLLEY Industrial vacuum cleaner with 1 single-phase motor of 1000 Watts bypass of 230 Volts.  Can vacuum liquids, cement dust, plaster, asbestos, aluminum chips etc. Simplified discharge with tilting of the tank. The materials are sucked through the tank which allows to insert inside the tank a trash bag for direct bagging. 


Technical characteristics: 

The tank is in stainless steel 430 AISI and the head and the base of the wheels are molded in ABS. Level switch and polyester filter.

Power: 1000 W 
Vacuum: 2400 mm H2O 
Air flow: 200 m3 / h 
Filtering surface: 5000 cm2
Filtration: CAT (BIA) L 
Tank capacity: 60 L 
Dimensions: 720 mm x 560 mm x 940 height 
1 motor Silent bypass 
Output diameter: 50 mm 
Accessories included 
2 years warranty 


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All our vacuums are tested according to the Electrical safety certification according to the new European Standards (continuity circuit, applied voltage, insulation resistance and residual voltage). 
All the devices are provided with instructions for use, CE marking, Conformity Certification and Electromagnetic Compatibility (Directive 73/23 Low Voltage / EEC). 
The vacuum cleaner is made in Italy.

The Du-Puy devices are very robust. They are made of steel and resist strong air depressions. They are easy to empty and their many accessories destine them to practically all the industrial uses, 
These are very simple to use, of a reduced and easy maintenance. All components are referenced and replaceable.


Areas of use and examples of applications

Industry Metal 
Industry Watch 
Industry Mechanical 
Industry Boiler 
Industry Valve 
Industry Cutlery 
Industry Locksmith 
Industry Paint 
Industry Metal Packaging Industry Foundry 
Industry Bolting 
Industry Electronics 
Industry Bicycle Manufacturing 
Industry Automotive Industry 

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