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PE rolling bin 120 l

Price: €0.00

This 2-wheeled bin is ideal for many different types of waste collection like paper and cardboard, glass, packaging, organic materials, as well as being a robust container for all your spill control absorbents and accessories.

* Durable body and lid are injection moulded in stable, solid-coloured high-density polyethylene stabilised against the combined effects of UV radiation and water for a long usable life.

* High-density polyethylene makes the product highly resistant to atmospheric conditions and gives it great stability against fluctuations in temperature and total corrosion resistance.

* Integrated handle for easy use and 200 mm diameter wheels with polypropylene rims and solid rubber tyres on an  electro-galvanised axle for effortless manoeuvrability.

* Manufactured using environmentally-friendly recyclable materials with no heavy metals in the pigments used.

* DIN standard lifting system suitable for use with standard collection and cleaning systems

Product Approval Certificate awarded by TÜV Product Service GmbH in accordance with European Standard EN 840


Style                               Hinged Lid
Dimensions:                   55cm W x 48cm L x 97cm H
Sold as:                         1 each
Weight                            9.1 kg
Composition:                  High-density polyethylene
Capacity:                        120 ltr.
Opening Dimensions:     40cm W x 40cm L
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