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About Us

 G OIL EXPERT LTD was established in 2006 and specializes in the distribution of products used in the industrial sector and in particular in the metalworking sector. The company is an official representative and authorized distributor for Bulgaria of a number of world-renowned manufacturers including:

CIMCOOL BV. - precision metal removal, fluids rust preventatives, innovative metal forming fluids, specialty fluids productive, process and maintenance cleaners, specialty fluids 

CLEENTEK / HESO A/S industrial cleaning equipment; 

ANMASI  ultrasonic cleaning machines and automatic in-line ultrasonic cleaning systems; filtration systems

ACCU–LUBE GmbH - microlubrication system; 

ARP Gmbh – vacuum transport of chips and chipping machines; 

SC Johnson PROFESSIONAL  - occupational skin care and hand hygiene; 

STOCKMEIER CHEMIE GMBH & CO. KG - industrial and specialty chemicals for many sectors and applications - chemical products for the removal of corrosion, phosphating and passivation;

DU-PUY SRL - Industrial vacuum cleaners;

KAA-Europa GmbH - specialized greases;

KYOCERA CUTTING TOOLS - Japanese instruments - inserts and holders; 

YG 1 - Korean instruments – drilling tools, threading tools, milling tools; 

NACHI - Japanese drilling tools, threading tools, milling tools; 

LOSMA - designs and engineers air and coolant filtration systems for machine tools,  supplying complete solutions both for air and coolant filtration; 

LANNER Anlagenbau Gmbh – manufacturers of components and complete systems to treat metal chips and grinding sludge, lifting bottom centrifuge;  

STA Separatoren-Technik&Anlagenbau Gmbh - systems for separating solids and oils from fluids; 

MKR-Metzger Gmbh - filtration and purification systems, which are integrated in the production;

Dosatron International S.A.S. - accurately dose a liquid or soluble concentrated into water, acid for example, and prepare an 'aqueous solution', or even dose and mix other liquids.

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