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Home industrial skin care Protection Creams STOKODERM® AQUA SENSITIVE


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Specialist skin protection cream.

Where to use:

Frequent and/or prolonged exposure to water-based contaminants; gloves in use

Innovative multi-phase formulation - Provides superior skin protection against water based substances combined with a soothing and nourishing action.

Hydrophobic barrier complex - Forms a robust, water resistant physical protective layer which prevents contaminants from penetrating deeply into the skin.

Unique emulsion structure -Allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply in to the skin to support its natural barrier function.

Quick drying - Leaves a pleasant, non-tacky protective film on the skin to encourage regular use and not affect dexterity with hand held tools.

Contains Bisabolol, an ingredient of camomile - A skin conditioning agent which supports the stimulation of the skin’s regeneration process and natural barrier function.

Contains Hamamelis -Reduces inflammation and redness, providing skin soothing benefit.

Perfume-free and dye-free - No added perfume or dyes. Ideal for people who are sensitive to perfumes and dyes and who prefer products which do not have these added.

Non-tainting and assessed according to HACCP guidelines -When used as directed in food production and preparation areas, the product does not influence the quality of foodstuffs or present any risk to the health of its consumers.

Awarded with the ECARF quality seal - Ideal for persons suffering from allergies and suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin

Skin Hypoallergenic -Formulated to have low allergic potential to the skin and assessed by an independent toxicologist to be declared as “Skin Hypoallergenic”.

Specially formulated to also be used on the face -Ideal for application where the face might be exposed to contaminants and as a supplement to PPE

Skin friendly pH - Formulated to maintain the skin’s acid mantle; a layer on the surface of the skin which acts to help support the natural bacteria balance.

Proven glove compatibility - Suitable for use with latex, nitrile, vinyl and neoprene gloves.

Compatible with alcohol-based hand disinfectants - Can be used in hygiene sensitive areas where hand sanitising procedures are necessary

Silicone-free -The product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or surface coatings.

Compatible with rubber production processes - Independently tested at the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK) and proven to have no negative effect on the vulcanisation process.



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