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Home filtration systems OILVAC 200 single phase industrial vacuum for oil & chips recovery

OILVAC 200 single phase industrial vacuum for oil & chips recovery

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Mobile, compact and powerful, the vacuum cleaner OILVAC 200 is the ideal machine to suck up liquid (oil or coolant) mixed with metal chips, separate the oil from the chips and recover the clean oil thanks to a powerful air flow reversal system.
The suction is provided by three by-pass 2 stage motors, placed inside a sturdy steel casing and providing high depression and operated by independent switches. It is ideal for heavy duty performance, very resistant. The suction unit is protected by a polyester filter M class Teflon 1 micron efficiency with anti adhesive treatment (oleophobe and hydrophobe) and a floating device, which automatically stops the suction when the liquid fills up the container.
The suction inlet it can Rotate 360° to easily direct the suction hose with an internally welded inlet that deflects the incoming material.
A galvanized steel sieve grid (30 litres capacity) withholds the solid material (chips and metal parts ), a second chips basket with PPL 300micron filter withholds very fine metal dust, while the clean oil goes into the lower container (capacity 200 litres). It is then possible to pump it out rapidly, simply Switch on a powerful Lowara Electric pump that pumps out rapidly the liquid through a discharge oil proof hose fitted with a gun and valve (300lt/min power).
The vacuum cleaner chassis is totally welded and it is constructed with metal 4 mm of thickness, that guarantee an Indestructible performance during the years.
It is equipped with a tool basket also providing a support for tools and hoses when not used, and equipped with braking polyurethane castors, and forklift intakes to easily transport the machine.


Suction from machine tools of liquids, (mainly oils and coolants mixed with metal chips or other solid material)
Filtration and recovery of cutting oil and coolant liquid
Rapid collection or disposal of the filtered liquid
Reduced stand-by time of machine tools
Saving by recovering and using several times the same oil and coolant

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